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Life Management Services empowers its members to recognize, utilize and develop their unique talents and abilities which better enables them to enjoy life and integrate into their communities.


Our Philosophy

Society has traditionally defined “abled” as having a full range of physical or mental abilities and those
who do not are in some way disabled. We believe that definition is limiting to personal growth and the
realization of potential.

Every human being has the capability for the expression of creative thought and emotion. Our goal is to
facilitate the development of these capabilities and assist our members in breaking barriers to growth
like perceptions, assumptions, and judgments while becoming better able to live their best life.


Member Services

Our member services are designed to foster a sense of healing, independence, and mental well- being. These services facilitate a member’s ability for self-expression, improvement of social
skills, increases in positive self-imagery and provide an appropriate and healthy outlet for the
frustration and stress members sometimes experience.


Art expression As a healing tool

Art Expression

Exposure to several mediums and techniques demonstrated by fine artists and professional educators.

Music & Performance

Creating a safe space to sing, dance, and perform as a team.

Digital Art

Foundations of making art with a digital device.


A Few Words ...

Christo Pellani, is a professional performer and musician who is dedicating his time to bring a moment of positivity and happiness in consumer's lives. 

This is Why

they Choose Us

Quality Services

Consumers receive a high-quality service with carefully designed settings for their comfort and ease.

Certified Experts

Our staff members are dedicated to provide a fun, educative environment for all areas of the spectrum. 

Learning environment for everyone

We provide a deliberate and accepting space for the consumers to achieve the height of their creativity with the medium of their choice. 

Some Of Our

Recent Projects

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serving the community since 1985

"Human beings are members of a whole. in creation of one essence and soul. If one member is afflicted with pain, other members uneasy will remain." -Sa' adi


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